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Red-S Update

Breaking news: there are some new developments in RED-S (my favorite topic). The International Olympic Committee is working hard to research and educate athletes about RED-S and the danger of low energy availability.  Here are some new areas of development that should not be ignored!

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Stubborn Tendon Pain? Try this!

Tendon injuries can be incredibly frustrating. While you can have a lot of improvements quickly – a decrease in the amount of pain (less intense or severe), improved flexibility and strength, and better running – the pain can linger for quite awhile.

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

What The Heck Is Pain?

Pain is so individual. It’s felt and processed differently by everyone. But what causes pain in the short and in the long term? Why does pain become chronic? Pain has many different elements and can broadly be described as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.”

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

Recover In Your Sleep!

If sitting is the new “smoking” health risk, sleep is the new performance-enhancing tool we don’t focus on enough. Getting enough sleep is essential for everyone to function, yet in our busy work/training lives, sleep is usually one of the last things we make time for. For runners and athletes, it’s the easiest recovery tool you most likely aren’t utilizing. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that adults require 7-9 hours of sleep for optimal performance. Performance doesn’t just mean exercise; it also includes the mental and physical performance needed to get through your daily routine.

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Amenorrheic Running

Back in the day, I was a fast runner. I have a distinct memory of going to Penn Relays as a junior, so excited to run the 4×400 (I was the anchor) and that morning I woke up with my period. At that point in my life I got my period every few months but most of my teammates hadn’t had their period in over a year! I wanted that. It was such a badge of honor and I was so embarrassed to be the only fast girl who got her period in season. Years later I learned that is called amenorrhea and that nothing about it is cool.

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