Time Goals

by Dr. Cat Fitzgerald PT, DPT, CSCS Racing is back! The influx of runners with specific upcoming races at Custom is exciting. It’s always different around here in racing seasons–there’s a buzzing energy and so …

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3 Speed Workouts to Improve Your Race Times

Whether you’re training for a spring race or you just want to become a faster runner, these 3 speed workouts will help you crush your goals. Speed workouts are higher intensity workouts than regular base runs and they train your body to run more efficiently. They also improve your leg speed and mental strength, making you run better in races even when things get challenging.

Marathoning 101

Marathon Fall is quickly approaching (first day of Fall was 9/22 for anyone who forgot). If you have a major marathon on your calendar, it’s been at least two years since you’ve been in this position.

Run/Walk Isn’t just for Distance!

Clients at Custom Performance use the run/walk strategy under the supervision and instruction of the physical therapists to progress return-to-run loading after injury, cover long distances in marathon training, and increase general endurance. Recently, I re-discovered a largely underutilized run/walk application: intervals for speed.

7 or 10 day training cycle?

When it comes to building a training schedule, most runners and coaches follow a 7-day training plan which usually consists of some combination of speed work, tempo, long run, and easy days. For most, this seems to make sense given that our everyday lives and routines are structured around a Monday to Friday work week followed by a two-day weekend.

Why Cold Tub?

First, let me disclaim: there are no miracle cures for athletes (that we know of), here at Custom Performance or anywhere. All of our tools are meant to be aids in recovery and performance, based on medical science.

SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) NYC

Shoulders quivering from my several-minute plank series (yes that’s correct), I questioned Janet’s sanity. It was April 2019 and little did I know about the journey I would soon embark on. SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) NYC is by far the hardest workout class I have ever taken.

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